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Bowed Walls

Bowed Walls

Wall Repair

Bowed Walls

In cases where your wall is Bowed in, you need to call in a professional to determine if you need to excavate. Some of the options would include bracing only, or excavate and straighten. We need to look at whether your wall is leaking, if it is a block wall or a poured wall, as that will make a difference in the way we approach the problem. If the wall needs to be excavated and straightened, Pouwels Basement Specialists will not cut any corners to do the job right!

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We use Steel S-Beams for the reinforcement and a superior waterproofing system call Platon Foundation Protector to control water and direct it to the new drain tile we set in place. The wall is then backfilled with clean stone to maximize water drainage and keep the pressure off the wall. The water will be directed to the sump pit and discharged. Note: If you catch the problem in time you may be able to brace only and keep the wall from moving any further. So call us as soon as you notice any bowing or movement in your wall, and you could save thousands of dollars by contacting us today.

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